Joint Action for Promoting Civic Space and a More Resilient Civil Society – BCSDN regional workshop

Datum: 30. i 31. maj 2022.

Organizator: Balkan Civil Society Development Network

Session 1: The state of civil society in the Western Balkans: Monitoring Matrix Regional Report ‘21

  • Ms. Anja Bosilkova-Antovska, BCSDN: Regional Report findings
  • Ms. Snezhana Kamilovska-Trpovska, MCIC: Key findings from North Macedonia
  • Ms. Zorana Markovic, CRNVO: Key findings from Montenegro
  • Ms. Tara Petrovic, Civic Initiatives: Key findings from Serbia
  • Mr. Dren Puka, KCSF: Key findings from Kosovo

Session 2: Support to civil society in crises: Donors’ perspectives

  • Ms. Natasa Petrovic, Balkan Trust for Democracy
  • Mr. Daniele Aloisi, DG NEAR
  • Ms. Melina Papageorgiou, SDC Serbia

Session 3:  Exploring new civic spaces

  • Mr. Gorjan Jovanovski, Zelen Human Grad: MojGrad
  • Mr. Damjan Jugović, Council of Europe: Gradimo Mostar
  • Ms. Milena Dimitrovska, BNLD: Citizen participation in the Western Balkans
  • Mr. Uros Misljenovic: Partners for Democratic Change Serbia, Engagement of WB CSOs in the shaping and implementation of the Digital Agenda

Session 4: Addressing the challenges

  • Ms. Tara Petrović, Civic Initiatives: SLAPPs /Attacks on activists/Smear campaigns in Serbia
  • Ms. Medina Mujić, CURE Foundation: Women issues, destabilization in BiH
  • Mr. Balázs Dénes, Liberties Executive Director: EU trends of cracking civic space

Session 5: How to overcome the closing of civic space together?

  • Mr. Andrew Firmin, CIVICUS
  • Mr. Richard Allen, EU TACSO 3
  • Ms. Ana Zbona, Business and Human Rights Resource Center
  • Ms. Tamara Filipovic, NUNS/Safejournalists
  • Ms. Sonja Stojanovic Gajic